Optional in Q-View
also available separately.

A Q-View virtual tour with beautiful pictures and 360 ° images is fantastic, BUT


What about a property with an outdated decor?

Unfortunately even beautiful pictures and 360 ° images will only show the same atmosphere as the “outdated / obsolete property” itself.

The majority of buyers – 90% – find it difficult to see the potential of a space. Which explains the huge popularity of numerous TV shows in which homes and houses are refurbished and redecorated. Yet, few Belgian owners can be convinced to refurbish their property before selling, BECAUSE the amount of effort, time and extra costs coming along with this strategy. Understandably sellers are already concentrating on the next place they are going to live in and are not interested anymore to invest in the property they will soon leave.

To meet the needs of both buyers and sellers, DIGITAL RESTYLING was created. Through computer simulation the old rooms are modelled into a modern design in order to cope with modern standards.

Several types of restyling are available :

Types: photographs and 360 ° images and the combination of pictures and 360 ° VT
styles: elegance, family and modern
Finishing levels: HD or 4K

The styles :

elegant family modern