Quality Real Estate Presentation

QTS Media has elevated real estate presentation to the highest possible level,
without compromising on service and support

Our mission: SERVICE and QUALITY!

From experience, we know better than anyone else that a number of elements play a significant role in selling a property nice and fast:

  • Pricing: of course
  • Marketing channels: V-boards, internet websites, showcases,…
  • The know-how: the experise of real estate agents, often undervalued by sellers.
  • PRESENTATION: of the property and of advertising. Which is often the missing link and is OUR expertise

QTS Media has developed a high standard tool for presentation of properties, with the highest imaginable service towards our clients: the professional real estate agent!

Selling real estate: is a highly competitive market.

Every agent knows that in order to sell quickly and well, the marketing channel is without doubt the Internet.

In real estate business, it means that the agent launches his offers on the own website filled with portals – eg. immoweb, immoscoop, zimmo, hebbes and so on. All varying per region.

More competitivity always signifies a larger offer on the owner’s side and a growing recognition on the real estate agents side.

Distinguishing oneself from the competition on every level is the message!

Service and Quality

Ontdek hier de 5e P in de marketingmix

Naast uw product, de prijs, plaats en promotie speelt in de immowereld nog een 5e P een belangrijke rol. De PRESENTATIE. Nét dat is onze stiel!.

A complete range of services relating to home presentation are offered with one simple order